[notated music]

_in progress

bent, for pamplemousse. 10'.

[proxy], for sixteen players. commissioned by the talea ensemble. 

cache, installative speaker array generated from text score/archival gathering process. 

scrim, for solo Bb clarinet. 14'. commissioned by erin cameron. 

contour, for A clarinet, 3.5'. commissioned by erin cameron.


TROMBONE [2016-17], for solo trombone, electronic sound and video - for matt barbier

stanchions [2016], for two five-string electric basses, pedals, objects, interactive noise floor - written for michelle lou + scott worthington

multiplicities of objects/recasting [2016] - two performers, prepared piano, transducers, pedals, materials, objects; written for myself and eric wubbels, premiere december 2016. 

TRANSISTOR [2016] - two performers, objects, and electronic sound, written for People Making Sounds, premiere April 30, 2016 @ ccrma.

casting [2015-16] prepared piano, transducers, pedals; premiere april 1, 2016 @ ccrma.

tridecimal [2015, rev.2016] two trombones + electronic sound,  for myself & barbier, premiere 1/12/16 @ BETALEVEL, los angeles.

1296-unit square on floor; 216 plates of each metal, single units 1cm x 10.9m x 10.9m: aluminum, copper, steel, magnesium, lead, zinc [2015] - solo soprano saxophone; for david wegehaupt, premiere spring 2016

clearer instances of a similar world [2015] - solo viola, for danika paskvan, premiere TBD

[conceptual pieces/other]

Symphony No. 01010011 01111001 01101101 01110000 01101000 01101111 01101110 01111001 [2016] - fixed media, various downloaded files
[compilation of documents surrounding Beethoven's 5th symphony, all read as raw data and reconverted into audio (regardless of their source). see description in link for more information]

every note on the electric bass in 5.2 seconds [2016] - fixed media, electric bass, BOSS digital delay 6

tone - noise - silence [2016] - fixed media, audacity
[sonic fundamentals generated by free software, exported, then imported back as raw data]

PARASITE [2016] - two images (1,2) and txt file
[a jpg is corrupted by inserting the image's URL from google images into the body of the data]

empty_set [2016] - website/soundcloud account
[uploading the maximum amount of data to a free soundcloud account, but file consists of computer-generated silence]

AlphabetizedGarageBand [2016] - 26 audio files
[all available preset sounds stacked vertically, by letter]

HUMBUCKER [2016] - fixed media
[pinched notch filter repetitively applied to recordings of electronic devices trying to eradicate 60Hz mains]

cache [2016] - process-based text score: generative piece. forces and durations variable.