luciano berio – sequenza v
john cage - solo for sliding trombone
elliott carter - retracing v^
aaron cassidy - because they mark the zone where the force is in the process of striking (or, second study for figures at the base of a crucifixion)
aaron cassidy - songs only as sad as their listener
pablo santiago chin - from afar**
nicholas deyoe - facesplitter
ray evanoff - new piece**
morton feldman – a very short piece for trumpet
dai fujikura - deliquesce^
vinko globokar - res/as/ex/in-spirer
andrew greenwald - a thing is a hole in a thing it is not (VI)**
georg friedrich haas – …aus freier lust…verbunden…
eva-maria houben - zwischendurch
clara iannotta - new piece**
kurt isaacson - abbess
kurt isaacson - low speech (animalesque)**
kurt isaacson - monkfish**
kurt isaacson - when the canopy depicts figures of the victim, or victims, the cords are red to indicate places of contagion**
esaias jarnegard - new piece**
evan johnson - new piece**
evan johnson - ruckenfigur
george lewis - oraculum
kenn kumpf – _they mix above there
timothy mccormack - HEAVY MATTER
joan arnau pamies - 1≈∞ (EoM)**
hilda paredes - parafrasis
michael pisaro - within (5)
ian power - new piece**
dave reminick –,8,1**
giacinto scelsi - maknongan
giacinto scelsi - mantram
giacinto scelsi – tre pezzi
craig shepard - vallorbe le 23 juilliet 2005
andrew stock - new piece**
mike svoboda – concert etudes
colin tucker - new piece**
erik ulman - coronaton of sesostris**


peter ablinger - posaune und rauschen**
ann cleare - new piece**
david coll - new piece**
santiago diez-fischer - new piece**
karlheinz essl – sequitur x
bryan jacobs - new piece w/ 3D printed crooks
mauricio kagel - atem
michelle lou - HoneyDripper**
alvin lucier - wind shadows
jenna lyle - Weston Plays a Bb**
pauline oliveros - heart of tones
mauricio pauly - new piece**
stefan prins - FITTINGinSIDE
elena rykova - new piece**
sam salem - new piece**
phillip schuessler - pendula
jacobtv – i was like wow!
monte weber - the moral landscape**
scott worthington - unphotographable
katherine young - puddles and crumbs**

[2tbn, w/ matt barbier]

ellen arkbro - new piece**
matt barbier - gravlax, b**
constantin basica - EMPMP**
james bean - ...eleven circuits for reflection on the glass**
eoin callery - the domestication of augury, from entrails to tea leaves**
nicholas deyoe - mornewegstrasse 43
ray evanoff - new piece**
david brynjar franzson - the cartography of time**
fede camara halac - ciudad invertida^
jen hill - piece for internet**
kurt isaacson - captive species**
catherine lamb - new piece**
liza lim - pharmakon**
michelle lou - new piece**
jessie marino - throw me to you and back again x2**
timothy mccormack - WORLDEATER**
manuela meier - what you see, is it**
max murray - new piece**
lewis nielson - hey ho the carrion crow**
michael pisaro - new piece**
sam pluta - new piece**
kai johannes polzhofer - totenfest iii: minotauros**
katharina rosenberger - SHIFT^
sabrina schroeder - new piece**
charlie sdraulig - alike and apart**
adi snir - strainer**
laura steenberge - new piece**
chris swithinbank - new piece**
steven kazuo takasugi - new piece**
zachary james watkins - new piece**
andrew watts - a dialogue, in absentia**


john cage - two5
pablo santiago chin - inharmonia (retratos)**
ann cleare - to another of that other
sivan cohen-elias - how long is now
murat colak - new piece** (tbn+perc+synth)
santiago diez-fischer - sensitive switch
franco donatoni - HOT
chris fisher-lochead - bludgeon me
chris fisher-lochead - new piece** (tbn+bsax)
jurg frey - more or less normal
erin gee - mouthpiece x
jacob gotlib - ornamental alphabets**
michael gordon - the low quartet
andrew greenwald - a thing is a hole in a thing it is not (IV)
andrew greenwald - a thing made whole (iii)
georg friedrich haas - ...einklang freier wesen...
nathan heidelberger - the pine woods**
kurt isaacson - monk**
bryan jacobs - organic synthesis vol. 1
jacobtv – jesus is coming!
esaias jarnegard - nattarbete
mattias kranebitter - packtheboxwithsixdozenofmyliquorjugs
johannes kreidler - stil 1c, 1f
gyorgy kurtag - six pieces
catherine lamb - matter/moving
bernhard lang - differenz/wiederholung 4.02^
michelle lou - untitled three part construction
alvin lucier - panorama
alexandre lunsqui - canvas
alexandre lunsqui - guttural I, II and III
alex mincek - number may be defined
alex mincek - pneuma^
lewis nielson - ...in terra aliena...**
joan arnau pamies - per ser plagat de ta dolca ferida
tim parkinson - ensemble13**
mauricio pauly - the threshing floor [tbn version]**
sam pluta - portraits/self-portraits
enno poppe - STOFF^
salvatore sciarrino - introduzione all'oscuro
alex temple - thick line
ming tsao - the book of virtual transcriptions^
jennifer walshe - the church of frequency and protein
eric wubbels - auditory scene analysis, pt. i
eric wubbels - contraposition**


peter ablinger - the real as imaginary (voice + electronics)
michael baldwin - new piece**
mark barden - chamber (3 vox)
g. douglas barrett - a few silence (open)
pierluigi billone - mani.mono (spring drum)
wojtek blecharz - small talks (bsax + accordion reed box)
louis d'heudieres - laughter studies 1 & 3^ (2 & 3 performers)
natacha diels - 2.5 nightmares for JESSIE (vlc + 2 performers)
evan johnson - a general interrupter to ongoing activity (solo vox)
ingrid lee - cells (open)
simon loeffler - b^ (3 perf + electronics + fluoro tubes)
michael maierhof - shopping 4 (3 perf + balloons)
jessie marino - ritual I :: commitment :: biim (snare drum)
jessie marino - AUTOPROCESS :: resolve :: dissolve (open)
jessie marino - endless shrimp (2 perf + stuff & video)
jessie marino - throw me to you and back again (x2)**(2 perf + table)
thomas meadowcroft - plain moving landfill (percussion + electronics)
chris mercer - octoid** (pianist + 3assistants)
timothy mccormack - panic around death (vox + objects + electronics)
luke nickel - string quartet no.1^ (4vox)
celeste oram - new piece**
tim parkinson - opus 1 (2perf)
michael pisaro - closed categories in cartesian worlds (sine tones + crotale)
david pocknee - economics^ (open)
sam salem - not one can pass away (object operator duo)
james saunders - with paper (open)
james saunders - everybody do this^ (open)
james saunders - lots and lots for us to do^ (open)
james saunders - i decide what it is i must do^ (open)
charlie sdraulig - few (solo vox)
matthew shlomowitz - letter piece no.1^ (2perf)
mathias spahlinger - vorschlaege (text scores)
simon steen-andersen - difficulties putting into practice (2vox + objects)
simon steen-andersen - study for string instrument #2 (vlc + whammy pedal)
chris swithinbank - local bond (4 perf w/ viola + cello)
dan tramte - #hijackthishashtag** (vox + objects + video)

** = [world premiere/first performance]
^ = US premiere